Vision, Mission & Objectives

The company has an objective of providing prompt, reliable, affordable and better reach in remittance industry by way of offering access point network for our partners. One of the greater challenge in the industry represent is access point connection and associated operations & financial concentration/ requirement.

It not only aim to provide efficient services to the customers but also to assist them in creating value chain out of the remittance fund.

The company believes such feeling of societal responsibility along with business motive is the demand of the time for a sustainable growth of both the service provider and customers. The Company is promoted by highly prominent business personalities who have excelled in their fields of business/profession with very good integrity and social standings. The promoters of the company are seasoned businessmen with high standards. The main idea behind bringing the company in the much competitive market is to create value chain, high service standard and giving back to society and its members, offer access point establishment for ease of operations to our partners on board.

Though global Money transfer market offer unique business opportunity but again the cost of establishment of network across the region is big challenge itself. The one of the main objective of the company is to provide platform to our partners without compromising on cost, compliances and service deliverance.