Scope Of Operations

The company has been able to set up good distribution network covering major countries which are largely depended on remittance based economy and/ or home remittance is one of the key industry by virtue of large diaspora overseas i.e. Nepal, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc.

The company adopting key principle of APN, offers entire distribution platform (both arrangement & technical) to bolster remittance business between key corridors. The company identifies and create corridors and business opportunity working closely with partner associates. By virtue of the arrangement the company is able to channelize remittance distribution to high value corridor like Australia, Malaysia etc. which otherwise is known for outbound market alone.

Likewise, using the APN platform the company successfully created business opportunity/ corridors to India, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippine etc. by partnering with key companies in Malaysia. The company intend to take the model of Access Point Network (APN) platform to connect more agencies for seamless transfer of remittance & cross network settlement. In Remittance business larger business connectivity remains key to success and growth and setting up good distribution network coverage across key countries take considerable amount of time, and time value of money. In such situation the company targets to offer readymade and customized solutions to partners enabling them to kick start of business and at the same time use its available resources for effective market penetration.