Celebrating 11 years of Incredible Journey.

Celebrating 11 years of iPay's journey.

Anniversaries are a time to pause and reflect on where we’ve come from. In the spirit of curiosity and discovery, we invite you to take a brief walk down memory lane and recall our early years. It is not a tale of an amazing beginning; it is a tale of a startup that grew into a successful company.  

iPay has been growing at an exceptional rate since its inception in 2010, providing cross-border money transfer services to thousands of people. With such a need, the iPay Network is focused on helping customers receive funds quickly and securely while upholding diversity through integration with traditional financial institutions and operating with the goal of promoting further growth of the market. 

With a growth rate projected to continue in the coming years, there are countless opportunities for businesses looking to get involved with us. With such developments, we look forward to working with various partners. iPay is constantly working with teams of experts to bring better services including the introduction of a fast, easy and secure payment gateway from Mobile Platforms, which will further enhance the quality of our service and better serve our customers.  

A moment of appreciation:

The journey was very bumpy, but we are proud that we didn’t stumble and remained resilient. But, in the midst of all this stardust, we must not forget who helped us get here. This would not have been possible without the continuous effort, prayer, and support of all of our customers, teammates, and their families. May this journey of corporate success continue in the coming years. Thank you for trusting us, your trust and support have always been the biggest drivers for our continued growth!